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Date: 10. 10. 2020, 14. 11. 2020

Burlesque at Podwale Bar and Books

Starring: Yazz, Ms. Cool Cat and Sonny Vargas

Music, humor and tantalizing show, that is neo-burlesque at Podwale Bar and Books. Funny and ticklish dance performance featuring karaoke and insult comedy. The popular Strictly Burlesque by Prague entertainer Sonny Vargas in Bar and Books takes place once a month. Reservation is necessary, tickets are sold in advance via our website or at the bar. Follow our Facebook or events calendar on our Bar and Books website.

Do you know what burlesque is? This sort of performance originated in England of 19thcentury when it predominantly focused on parody of famous works of art and artists played by scantily clad women, accompanied by jokes and anecdotes. In the 30' of past century burlesque was slowly substituted by more direct and cheap strip show, however today it experiences a renaissance.

After the show stay for Live Music by Robert and Waldi, STARTS AT 11.00 PM

TICKET: 100 PLN per person


Location: Podwale Bar and Books, Wąski Dunaj 20, Warszawa, Poland

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