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How to drink Absinthe / EVENTS




with Adnan Al-Madhagi , Barmanager of Podwale Bar and Books
13.6.2019, 20:00

You are going to taste:
3 SUPER-PREMIUM ABSINTHES with special ''Absinthe Fountain Service''
( St.Antoine Žufánek 70% (Czech Rep.), Mansinthe 66,6% (Switzerland), Pernod Absinthe 68% (France) 

You are going to learn bit of history and the beginnings of Absinthe

Differences in taste and style of making Absinthe

At the end you are going to be able to go behind the bar to prepare some of the classic cocktails with Absinthe

Event will be in ANJ. Limited capacity 8 people only. 90 PLN per person



Location: Podwale Bar and Books, Wąski Dunaj 20, Warszawa, Poland

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