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Glass Eyes - World had not seen yet - SOLD OUT / EVENTS


GLASS EYES - by Saydie Vell & Josefína Je

from dark ballet through self-suspension to oriental fusion dance

A  modern concept from Polish artist DARK Ballerina,
through the oriental belly dance world of dancer Domi,

and as the icing on the cake, Prague performers Saydie Vell and Cha-chalena
will show you magic with an self - suspension rope performance.

Vogue performer Venus Siren accompanies all this.

This is how the gentle but exciting atmosphere of professional, fragile beings caresses you.
Under the cover of night, we will draw you to Bar and Books and with a glass of you
favourite drink you will watch these breathtaking performance sections.
This is a brand new performance ONLY for BAR and BOOKS.

Show Starts: 20.00
Tickets: 85 PLN
Special offer: Bottle of Champagne and 2x Tickets - 450zł


Location: Podwale Bar and Books, Wąski Dunaj 20, Warszawa, Poland

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